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Vida Pearson Proteaceae Australian artist Town & Country Gallery Gippsland

Vida Pearson


Vida Pearson has been a professional artist/printmaker for over 25 years. Early in her career Vida’s favoured mediums were screen printing and etching, however in the last 15 years she has concentrated almost exclusively on lino-cuts. She has a distinctive style featuring high contrast, strong design with bright hand-colouring.

A member of the Wildlife Art Society of Australasia, Vida Pearson relishes the opportunity to observe birds and animals in their natural habitat.  She is fascinated by the myriad of birds which visit her native garden near Ballarat, Victoria and by the wildlife she encounters on the many field trips she regularly takes both around Australia and overseas.  Vida has recently visited Africa, Madagascar, Antarctica, Iceland and Asia where she has photographed and collected material as inspiration for new works.   She hopes that by creating beautiful images of the natural world she may cause people to reflect on how amazing our planet is and the particular attention needed to maintain the unique habitats of such beautiful creatures.

Selection of current works