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Tony Trivett Handmade glass perfume bottles Australian artist Town & Country Gallery Gippsland

Tony Trivett


Hand-crafted Glass Scent Bottles

Tony Trivett is a true master of his craft; born in England in 1948, Tony’s journey as a glass artist began with an apprenticeship at Fisons Scientific. After migrating to Australia in 1967, he honed his skills as the Chief Glassblower at prestigious institutions such as the University of Adelaide and the University of Tasmania.

In 1990, Tony found his artistic haven in Hobart, Tasmania, where he established his own glass studio and dedicated himself to crafting exquisite perfume bottles.

Tony’s glass scent bottles are truly one-of-a-kind treasures. Adorned with his signature ‘T’ stamp, they exude a sense of rarity and exclusivity. While the bottles serve as safe storage for precious scents, they are sought after primarily for their decorative allure. Unlike mass-produced bottles, Tony’s creations are meticulously hand-crafted, showcasing his expertise in manipulating borosilicate tubing and rods over a flame. Every element is carefully considered, from the beautiful markings created by coloured oxides to the precise grinding of stopper bases and bottle throats to ensure a snug fit that preserves the fragrance within.

Each of Tony’s bottles is a testament to his mastery, his ability to transform glass into captivating, collectable works of art.

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