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Susan Davies Australian figurative sculpture Town & Country Gallery Gippsland

Susan Davies


Susan Davies has been a creator for many years. After working in bronze for a few years, the difficulty of the process led her to clay, falling in love with the art medium.

“As a figurative ceramic sculptor who uses the female face and form to express an inner narrative unique to each piece, I like to show the process of my figures emerging from the unformed clay, to show how the clay and ideas come to life. I love the fact that there is a wonderful conversation you have with the clay as it decides, along with you what will emerge. It is always like meeting a friend you’ve known all along as each work emerges with its own unique form.”

“I use gesture, gaze, texture and surface decoration along with oxides and underglazes to give added meaning to the narrative I wish to express. My hope is to evoke a feeling of calm contemplation in my work.”


Selection of current works