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Libby Witchell Latrobe Billabong

Libby Witchell


Libby Witchell works from her studio in Traralgon, where she also teaches drawing and painting.  She has a Diploma of Visual Arts and a Graduate Diploma in Education, with extensive experience teaching Secondary School Art, photography, Graphic Communication and Ceramics and Woodwork.

Libby’s paintings are a mixture of traditional super realist technique and a fluency with contemporary styles and mediums.  She likes exploring and experimenting with style and content, working with mixed mediums, overlaying surfaces to create energy and intrigue.  She doesn’t like to limit herself to a particular medium, choosing the one that best fits the task.

Libby has a great connection to the land and outdoors, especially Gippsland. Personal experiences of bushfires, drought, farming and animal welfare are contained in her work. She uses the window as a metaphor for looking back at history and reflections, an ambiguity which you might be a part of, or be engaged in as an on looker. Sometimes taking a glimpse through a window to the past and participating in the reflection. Renditions of windows, rusty iron, droughts, bushfires and surface textures all part of the artists lifestyle.

Libby has participated in solo and group exhibitions throughout Gippsland and Melbourne, also Beechworth and New Zealand.

Selection of current works