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Kathryn Zammit Thorpdale patchwork II Australian landscape artist Town & Country Gallery Yarragon Gippsland

Kathryn Zammit


Kathryn Zammit has come to realise that time spent being creative is not something that is optional for her. Always having a love of drawing, an education in design and interiors, she has tried both many mediums and jobs. The paints have been packed away many times out of frustration, or life taking her in a different direction, eventually to be brought out again, like a patiently waiting friend. The Illustration of many hundreds of greeting cards, a couple of childrens’ books and an affair with giant floral paintings, life has recently brought her to where she is now, in beautiful Thorpdale in Gippsland.  Travelling through the green, potato planted, rolling hills appeals to her love of line, form and colour, as well as seeing the big wide sky that you rarely get to appreciate in the city. She will never tire of the beautiful vistas around Thorpdale and her latest love affair with painting is capturing these. Sometimes the paints have to get packed away so the family can use the kitchen table, but they come out more regularly now and she is excited to keep painting forever and see what inspiration is sparked from here.   

Selection of current works