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Karin Ryan The Tempest II

Karin Ryan

Etchings, Paintings, Prints

“For many years now I have painted naïve pictures which are not governed by the rules that realistic artists are bound by. In them I try to capture everyday, ordinary life, gardening, hanging out washing etc. and to depict the beautiful countryside that I am fortunate to live in” – Karin Ryan

Self-taught Artist, Karin Ryan was born near Cologne in Germany.  Both her grandmother and mother were artistic and instilled in her from an early age a sense of wonder and delight in all things beautiful; especially a love of nature. Karin enjoyed drawing from the moment she could hold a pencil and soon became a compulsive doodler, aided and abetted by doting parents. When Karin was eight years old she migrated with her family to Australia. After the completion of secondary schooling she studied at Melbourne University and became a language teacher. A few years later she married and moved to a farm in Gippsland where she raised three children, worked as a secondary school teacher and pursued art in the mediums of illustration, painting and etching.

Karin Ryan’s daughter Rebecca Ryan also is an artist at Town & Country Gallery Yarragon.

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