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Gillian Haig


Gillian Haig was born and raised on a sheep station in East Gippsland, Victoria.  She experienced the Australian countryside first-hand and her upbringing heavily influences her art. From the expansive fields and deep gullies to the gum trees, open skies and farm animals that surrounded her; the land has a strong presence in her work. Gillian’s artwork captures the country’s rich history, colours, and culture with a unique style that conveys her connection to the land.

Gillian Haig’s hand-painted lino cut prints are visually stunning and carry a powerful narrative. Each work conveys a story rooted in Haig’s childhood experiences; the vivid colours and intricate details added to each piece make it come alive. The artist’s use of traditional printing techniques, combined with her unique style, create works that are as beautiful as they are meaningful. The result is a vibrant collection of art that captures the spirit of Australian country life.

Selection of current works