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Sarah Kerr Bracelet

Eskay Jewellery


Sarah Kerr, designer and maker of Eskay jewellery, has a creative background in Graphic Design which led to the intricate world of jewellery making. Having a part-time job in the jewellery industry led to a full-time passion and career choice once she learnt she could solely hand-craft tangible, wearable objects. As a lover of all things old, Sarah certainly has a respect of the traditional side of jewellery making that hasn’t been changed with technology.

Sarah has many inspirations that influence her works. Stemming from notions explored in the Baroque and Victorian Eras, Sarah’s jewellery often boasts excessive ornamentation and complexity of line, taking metal to a place normally occupied by supple fabrics. She draws inspiration particularly from pattern and form, using shape and repetition to create unique designs. Sarah constantly draws from nature and all of its intricacies. Mandalas provide a constantly evolving geometric inspiration and are undoubtedly linked to her love of symmetrical, elaborate designs in Eskay Jewellery.

Selection of current works