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Emma Niehof End of Summer, Lysterfield mixed media on stretched canvas Australian landscape artist Town & Country Gallery Gippsland

Emma Niehof

“Immersing myself in the Australian landscape by going for long walks is the best kind of inspiration. I paint from memories and feelings, always allowing an energy and a myriad of unexpected possibilities to present themselves in the process.  It’s important to let layers of paint obscure and reveal simultaneously, enhancing colours and shapes.” – Emma Niehof  

Emma loves travelling throughout Australia and finds inspiration in the diverse colours and textures of the land: the vibrant reds and ochres of the outback, the majestic rocky escarpments of the Australian Alps, coastal cliffs along the stunning coastline of Australia and the seasonal, often joyful but sometimes dark-grey colours of Victoria and Tasmania.

Emma often sees something a little ‘different’ in vistas such as rock-faces, cliffs and coastal landscapes, resulting in paintings that focus on colour, an interpretation within the landscapes rather than real-life accuracy. There is always that ‘something’ that triggers a painting. It can be a curve, a rock or a dam. The process of building up layers and scraping back allows the painting to reveal itself and create a sense of place; inviting viewers to place themselves in the landscape, for their imagination to wander and create their own story.

Emma Niehof was born in the Netherlands, migrating to Australia 25 years ago after marrying her Australian husband. The signatures on the artwork are the initials GON, the first letters of her Dutch maiden name: Germa Oude Nijeweme.  Emma feels strongly about continuing to sign her artwork this way as this was her signature when she first started painting while living in the Netherlands.

Selection of current works