“Ever since I could hold a pencil in my hand I have doodled, scribbled, drawn and sketched. It is an obsession that has never left me and I feel most comfortable in my skin when I create something beautiful, when I am in touch with my imagination and emotions. For many years now I have painted naïve pictures which are not governed by the rules that realistic artists are bound by. In them I try to capture everyday, ordinary life, gardening, hanging out washing etc. and to depict the beautiful countryside that I was lucky enough to live in. I find great comfort in nature – it lifts my spirits.  I try to cheer people up and remind them of the simple pleasures of just existing.

My other great obsession is drawing lines and minute details; etching has allowed me to indulge shamelessly in this activity.  At the moment I am exploring sculpture and am enjoying ‘doodling’ with clay and other materials. I feel very fortunate that at last I am able to devote more time to my art.” – Karin Ryan

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