“In essence I am a self-taught artist and have dabbled in naive art long before I knew that it existed as an official form.  I find myself drawn in this direction as it lacks the restrictions of realistic painting.  It allows me to explore the realms of the imagination and to combine unassociated and often incongruous ideas.  For me, this is its particular charm.”

Born near Cologne, Germany, Karin Ryan was raised near a large deciduous forest – it was magical, mysterious, like a fairytale, full of strange animals and plants.  Karin spent most of her time outside playing in streams and meadows, gathering berries and mushrooms in the forest.  Both her grandmother & mother instilled in her a sense of wonder and delight in all things beautiful; especially a love of nature.  Karin enjoyed drawing from the moment she could hold a pencil and soon became a compulsive doodler.

At eight years of age, Karin migrated with her family to Australia.  On graduating from secondary school she studied at Melbourne University and became a language teacher.  A few years later she married and moved to a farm in Gippsland, Victoria, where she raised three children.  In 1987 Karin started illustrating books for children and with encouragement from her family she began to devote more time to indulge her passion for art, in particular exploring the mediums of etching, painting & drawing in her preferred, beautifully decorative, naive art style.


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