Janet’s brilliant use of coloured pencils and graphite has justifiably placed her in the forefront of artists using her chosen medium.  Her realistic, detailed and gentle drawings of animals and birds full of personality and humour, are keenly collected throughout Australia and overseas.

‘Reflections’ is Janet’s latest series, highlighting the fine line between reality and abstraction.  Janet explores how we ‘see’ the world, how our view is coloured by the way we absorb information, filtering knowledge and experiences through our emotions and personal reactions.

Imitating reality, reflections filter subjects through 3D movement, rhythm and distortion – extending them into abstract shapes.  To achieve this concept in the beautiful accurate detail she is known for, Janet has studied the scientific aspects of reflections and their behaviour on various water surfaces.  Janet’s drawings are created from extensive research and intuitive creativity.  She has extended her subjects through dynamic ripples, making the images dance and flow in a dramatic lyrical composition.

Janet grew up in country Victoria and studied art at Monash University in Churchill, where she consolidated her passion and skill in drawing and her love of intricate detail, against the ‘norm’ of painting or sculpture.  Perseverance with her style and choice of medium, the humble pencil, combined with her very skilful and unique art-works have made her a well respected artist in today’s art-world.  With a purpose-built studio in outer Melbourne, Janet has a wonderful environment in which to work. 

A native garden outside her window offers Janet daily communication with many of her subjects, both birds and flowers.  Her studio is a hub of activity and a peaceful artistic venue for many students; Janet is a respected and sought after teacher, with many years of experience and a flair for making workshops both informative and fun.

Janet’s artworks have been purchased for the  New York State Museum, Council of Xuz Hou in Japan, Australia Post, City of Monash Collection, Gold Coast City Art Gallery, Monterey Secondary College, Bill and Maureen Mann Wildlife Art collection, Horsham Gallery and for Private collections in Australia, Japan, Germany, UK, USA, China and England.


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