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Jeff and Jeanette Hyde

Jeff and Jeanette Hyde


Jeff and Jeanette Hyde are much loved artists hailing from the charming village of Jindivick, West Gippsland. Over the many years they’ve worked in the creative arts, the two have collaborated on projects from the most amazing light shades to large-scale sculptural installations.

Inspired by the abundant animal and birdlife that frequent their beautiful property, Jeff and Jeanette Hyde seek to capture the sense of ‘fun’ they feel observing these wild creatures at play. From sketchpad to freehand plasma cut steel, Jeanette brings stunning silhouette panels and playful garden stake characters to life; while Jeff nuts out the practical engineering aspects of stability, installation and portability. Jeff and Jeanette’s motto is ‘breathing life and fun into landscapes through art’; they’re certainly fulfilling this aim through their gorgeous sculptures.

Selection of current works