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Arcana Kaleidoscopes Town & Country Gallery Yarragon Gippsland

Arcana Kaleidoscopes


Makers of the renowned Arcana Kaleidoscopes, Rob Cook and Jocelyn Teh are retiring after more than three decades creating their extraordinary sculptural works of art, each one enthralling in its own right.

Working mainly in brass, copper and bronze, Arcana creations are unique assemblies of original castings, patinated recycled pipes and hand-formed wheels of gemstones, opals and coloured glass. Each scope is original not only in its unique outer appearance, but also the mystifying mandalas and patterns created from the positioning of multiple internal mirrors… the most mesmerising optical experience.

Arcana kaleidoscopes are now very limited in number, we have a wonderful collection ranging from large sculptural kaleidoscopes to medium and small spectroscopes for you to view and enjoy.

Selection of current works