The ceramic works by Wendy Reeve are created through a series of processes: wheel-thrown, bisque-fired, glazed and finally Raku-fired.  At each stage there are a number of variables which will effect the outcome of the works and for this reason no two pieces are ever the same – every piece is unique.

“Raku is a traditional Japanese technique which is still very popular today and is my passion.  I love the ‘hands on’ nature of working closely with the firing process.

The kiln is rapidly fired up to 1000 degree Celsius, at this point the kiln is opened and the pieces are removed and placed in a sealed container filled with combustible materials (I use hard wood sawdust and newspaper) where the pieces are then ‘reduced’.  In a reduced atmosphere I am trying to create a carbon filled environment. The carbon is absorbed into the areas which are not covered by glaze causing them to blacken. I love the contrast between the black surface and the glazed area.  This technique is very physical requiring organisation, team work, good timing, and an attention to detail, making it very exciting!” – Wendy Reeve


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