“I use an airbrush as a creative tool to produce artworks on: paper, board, t-shirts, walls, surfboards, cars, production sets, musical instruments and more often nowadays on canvas.  Airbrushing enables me to produce work on almost any given scale or surface, an aspect I find both challenging and exciting.  To control the airbrush to this degree has proved interesting as it is like working in a third dimension with the varying heights required for the different focal values needed.  I feel an immediate affinity with the spontaneity of the airbrush technique which allows me to apply translucent hues directly onto a surface” – Sue Osborn

Painter/Sculptor, Sue Osborn resides in Drouin, Victoria.  Her work is based on personalised responses to the natural environment and encompasses a range of subject matter such as landscapes, flowers and animals.  Sue’s ‘super–realistic’ paintings are airbrushed onto a variety of surfaces.  She has a fascination with detail, whilst colour and atmospheric light are the most notable features of her work.

Sue’s paintings create a sense of urgency, capturing the fleeting moments of nature – the light, colour, or pose of an animal – a particular moment in time which may only last for a second.  Sue paints from her own sketches, photos and actual experiences.




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