Shu Shu founder Lorraine Evans conceived the design of her popular baby shoes over 25 years ago, when she was struggling to find suitable practical, comfortable footwear for her own children that wouldn’t fall off as they were crawling and learning to walk.  Lorraine has established a broad following with her designs and has been perfecting and adding to the Shu Shu range ever since.

Little feet love Shu Shu baby shoes – they are made from soft quality leather, are easy to wriggle on and they stay in place comfortably, offering protection with minimal restriction to growing feet.  All Shu Shu designs are created by Lorraine and hand-made in Sydney, Australia.

Available in sizes Tiny to Large, please see guide below for approx size for age; sole length/cm.  Not all designs/sizes in stock but may be ordered, please allow approx two weeks for delivery.

  • Tiny 0-6 months 10cm
  • Small 6-12 months 11cm
  • Medium 12-18 months 12cm
  • Med/Lge 16-22 months 13cm
  • Large 20-26 months 14cm


Enquiries for Lorraine Evans’ Shu Shu range

Please let us know if you would like further details regarding our range of Shu Shus. 

You’re welcome to send us an email, phone Jo: 0448 034 757, or submit the form below.  

Where possible, we’re happy to offer contactless kerbside or home delivery.  For those further away, we’ll provide a quote for freight.  

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