Regina Dudek has been creating whimsical wire and metal sculptures for the last 20 years.  She draws inspiration from everyday items often deemed well past their use-by date. Where others see junk, Regina senses beauty and a rich history expressed within decay and decline.

To source the appropriate ‘treasures’ to include in her sculptures , Regina scours op-shops, garage sales, junkyards and roadside chuck-outs.  She’s even been known to pick up old bottle tops from the footpath!!  Each discovery… delicate chandelier crystals , pre-loved jewellery, buttons, rusting wire, odd cutlery, keys, battered pressed metal, old tapestries, lace, embroideries etc. is as warm as a reunion of old friends.  Regina’s construction methods are unapologetically low-tech and all carried out by hand; binding and twisting wire, riveting and gluing.  

Regina participates in many exhibitions and conducts regular workshops; she currently lives and works from her studio in Inverloch, South Gippsland , Victoria. 


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