Minna Graham grew up roaming a large rural property in the Snowy Mountains, NSW immersed in a rich world of nature and creativity. As a child any artistic endeavour was greatly encouraged, which in turn instilled a need to create. Exploring Australia during early adulthood Minna observed life in the remote and harsh landscapes of the country.

On settling in Daylesford, Victoria Minna enrolled in a Diploma of Ceramics at the Unversity of Ballarat in 2009. Upon completion in 2012, Minna was awarded the Brian McLellan Award for Outstanding Achievement. Minna continues to work from her Daylesford studio where her work follows the seasons; nature is still her greatest influence.

Minna’s work is an intuitive response to her natural surroundings, embodied in functional forms and traditional practices. Concerned greatly with the balance of contrasting textures and surfaces, Minna employs various methods of surface treatment, tonal contrasts and texture to portray a collision of emotional responses to contrasting seasons, cultures and traditions. Minna’s pieces are designed to bring joy and attentiveness, to draw one into the present and reflect, to be peaceful and make space for what is to come.

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