Michelle Fogarty has always been surrounded by art, her father is a professional artist and as a child she enjoyed drawing.  Showing great talent in her artistic pursuits, this passion has continued to flourish throughout her life.

After completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Monash University, Michelle went on to gain a Diploma of Education.  Art has always been the major focus of her career both in her business as a designer of hand-painted glass works and as an art teacher.  Recently Michelle has responded to her longing to be a professional painter and now spend her days in her studio in Berwick, Victoria creating wonderfully colourful figurative and still life paintings.

Interior design and fashion have heavily influenced Michelle over the years; she loves pattern and colour and is always striving for something different within her paintings. She paints still life settings from an unusual perspective, looking down from above, which portrays an abstract quality.  Michelle’s paintings are joyful, full of life with the intention of brightening up a space.  Even though her journey as a professional painter is just beginning, she has dived-in with great gusto and passion, excited for what the future holds.


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