Marina Pribaz completed her undergraduate Fine Arts degree (majoring in painting) at RMIT in 1989 and her Honours degree in Painting at RMIT in1996.  Relocating from Melbourne to Daylesford, Victoria in 2000, Marina enrolled in the Diploma of Ceramics at Ballarat University; her love of the medium was ignited and her ceramic works began to evolve as beautiful 3D forms for her paintings.

Marina’s works are created on the wheel or by hand-forming; a plaster cast is made which is used to slip-cast Southern Ice Porcelain. The porcelain forms are exquisitely carved and painted in either the green-ware state or after bisque firing.  Each piece is unique, with individual markings, striations, gold veins, and colours – symbolic of the human journey through life: our strengths, our challenges and our preciousness… our being.  Marina’s work is light and delicate, taking considerable time to create, with the glazing done in many stages. 

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