Congratulations Marian, on your selection as finalist for the 2017 art awards: ANL Art Prize; Flanagan Art Prize; Portia Geach Memorial Award (Sydney).

Using acrylics on canvas and a hard-edge technique, Marian Quigley employs abstraction, vibrant colour and flowing line in her interpretations of the rhythms inherent in nature, the human form & blues music.  Marian adopts a minimalist approach in her representations of landscapes and seascapes which are often devoid of human figures and wildlife.  In this way, she seeks to highlight the elemental and spiritual nature of her environment.  Memory is also a theme in some of her work – recalling her childhood migration by sea and her home by the sea.

Following retirement from Monash University, Marian revisited her passion for painting and began exhibiting works in 2009.  A finalist in the 2016 NAB Flanagan Art Exhibition, St Patricks College, Ballarat and the 2015 Annual Maritime Award, Mission for Seafarers Victoria; Marian has held two solo exhibitions and participated in a number of group exhibitions in Gippsland, Euroa and Melbourne.


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