“The Colours of Gippsland” by Lois Brown – open daily for viewing 1st to 30th June.

“I consider myself to be a witness to the present and as an artist I like to record facts but also rearrange and interpret the scene to create interesting and engaging images.  I like to tackle subjects that present problems of technique that I have not faced in previous works and after over 30 years of painting I am still touched by the spontaneous, exciting and frustrating qualities of the watercolour medium.”

Lois Brown pays homage to the great diversity of Gippsland in her latest collection of watercolour works ‘The Colours of Gippsland’.  From mountains and rainforests to farming vistas and the coast, Lois has travelled the length and breadth of this remarkable region, scrambling up bush tracks all hours of the day; searching for the perfect location to sketch the perfect view, waiting with patience for just the right time of day, with just the right light and weather conditions.

Drawn to the ever-changing nature of areas such as Wilsons Promontory, Lois is fascinated by the impact extraordinary events such as fire and flood play out on the landscape, revealing dramatic new subject matter that amazes her at every visit.  Capturing change is a passion of Lois’s; the play of light across a Tinamba farm field, the dreamy dance of butterflies and Ficifolia blooms, fleeting reflections dappled on lakes and waterways, colours in the changing seasons set against the back-drop of historical Walhalla, the majestic cloud formations looking out from the Strzelecki’s to the Baw Baw’s.  Lois immerses herself in a given moment and draws on her connection with a subject to add so much more than just a ‘view’.

 Lois demonstrated her award-winning watercolour technique at the gallery on 6th June…  ‘storyboard’ of the demonstration below.  Photos courtesy of Ron Greer.    



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