“I am in the middle of a very steep learning curve, enjoying the challenges
& looking forward to lots more exciting possibilities” – Kate Waanders

Since childhood, Kate Waanders has been interested in and learnt a variety of handcrafts, including challenging needle-work projects that required incredible patience and fine attention to detail.  These skills were encouraged by her grandmother and mother, both of whom she credits with her love of colour.  Painting has always been a keen interest of Kate’s, but until recently she has not had the opportunity or belief in her own ability to pursue the medium in a serious way.

During recent trips to The Netherlands Kate was greatly inspired by both old and contemporary Dutch painters which stirred her to action.  At the beginning of 2016, with much support and encouragement from her husband Ben, she decided that it was ‘now or never’ to take a paintbrush in hand and see where her passion would lead!!  For Kate it had to be oils or nothing and after winning ‘Best Oil in Show’ at both the 2016 Tyers Art Show and 2017 Yarram Rotary Art Show – she now honestly admits that she has fully embraced painting.

 “The subject matter that appeals to me is often practical objects that are aged and well used.  I like to try and capture the patina and feel of the item that was once a practical piece and loved and used in everyday life.  All the small details including rust and dents contribute to the unique character of each object.   There is a wealth of subject matter from the retro and antique genres that inspire me to paint; whether they are old toys, tools, kitchen utensils or decorative items.” – Kate Waanders



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