Kate Hudson trained in textile design at the Central School of Art & Design in London, immigrating to Australia in 1990.  The influence of her design studies is evident in the richly patterned and decorative linocuts she creates, celebrating her love of Australian birds and flowers.  Kate draws influence from Japanese woodblocks, Art Nouveau, the Arts & Crafts Movement and printmakers such as Margaret Preston.   

Linocuts are relief prints – the raised area of the block takes the ink and makes the image. The block is carved, inked up, then a piece of paper is placed on top and pressure applied either by hand or a printing-press to transfer the inked image onto the paper.  The colour linocuts Kate creates are reduction prints; 2 blocks are used for all the colours, with more of the block carved away after each colour has been printed.  She uses transparent ink (extender) mixed with small amounts of coloured ink which allows the colours in her prints to build up as each layer is added.  The inks are oil-based; each colour must be completely dry before the next colour is printed.  Most of the prints have 10 or more colours so can often take weeks to create. 

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