Joy Dusting worked as a teacher for many years before retiring to devote herself to a passionate career as an artist.  Her original training in art was as a painter, with a focus on still life arrangements with flowers and interiors.  On return to post graduate studies, Joy became interested in print-making which allowed her to concentrate on narrative themes without the extra dimension of colour.

It is her interest in people and relationships, how we interact with each other, how we live, love, feel – the human condition – which has become the predominant theme of Joy’s work.  Much of the subject matter depicts memories from Joy’s childhood and progresses through the passage in adulthood exploring her search for self in the journey through life.

Through her artwork Joy beckons the viewer to look inwards as well as outwards – to the bigger picture; to recognise that the human condition impacts upon the environment, that is finite, we need to take responsibility for the well-being of the world and ultimately ourselves.


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