Natural textures, colours and shapes; bush, earth and ocean are the primary source of artistic inspiration for the exquisite bead embroidery of Jane Bari.  Like a lot of Australians, who live with the devastating effects of periodic drought in our fragile environment, Jane holds an enduring fascination with water, which is often translated into her choice of colour, subject matter and medium.

Jane has been creating embroidery since the age of four, having been taught by her immigrant mother to “make and mend” during the hard economic times of her childhood. In 2013, after hearing a woman on radio discussing how humans can alter the neurons in their brains to compensate for cognitive deficiencies, Jane took up bead embroidery to try and cure her persistent dyslexia.The methodical and time-consuming process of interpreting natural landscapes into beadwork has fostered a passion for laying down beads, semi-precious stones and druzy agate slices into interpretations of the Australian environment.

When not beading, Jane is a pastel painter and a member of the Australian Society of Marine Artists; she’s also an independent wool dyer, creating unique yarn for fibre artists and makers who appreciate the uniqueness of hand-made.


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