“My artwork is abstracted; realistic in some ways, contemporary.  I take a personal approach to landscapes, many of my recent works are landscapes which I knew well in my youth and have since revisited and ‘re-discovered’ with the eye of an artist.  My works embrace the events which have unfolded in my life, along with influences of people I have met, read and studied.  This approach has taken me into uncharted, unpredictable territory and challenges both my visual and emotive responses which is what makes sketching and painting so exciting and interesting for me.  Sometimes my paintings and artwork seem to be a puzzle, broken or fragmented, not ‘real’, this is precisely why I like them” – Glen Saunders

My artistic passion continues to beckon me on a wondrous journey, most often luring me to the ‘outback’ regions of Australia and around central Victoria where I grew up.  Through my artwork I have also explored places such as Bali, Cambodia, Vietnam and Japan; I invite you to view my works and enjoy the journey with me.
Contemporary artist Craig Penny; my girls, Alice and Marjie; the great painters and artists I admire and have studied: Richard Diebenkorn, Joseph Kote, Arthur Streeton, Fred Williams, Brett Whiteley, Mignonette Yin Cheng, Ken Done, Richard Schmid, Graeme Base, Bruce Whatley, David Hockney and many more.


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