~ Magic in Nature ~

An exhibition of Drawings & Sculptures by

Darren Gilbert & Janet Matthews

6th – 28th October 2018

Drawing demonstrations with Janet Matthews:
1-4pm Sunday 7th October & Saturday 20th October


Darren Gilbert and Janet Matthews live and breathe a passion for the natural world and its glorious inhabitants.  They share the motivation and challenge to reveal the magic of nature through their drawings and sculptures.  Taking every opportunity to immerse themselves in their surrounds:  drives along country roads, walks through the bush, silently observing birds and creatures in their natural habitat; both Darren & Janet feel a strong emotional response to the sights, smells and textures of the environment, a response that plays out in their minds for months, before they begin to make a sketch or start a composition on the drawing board. 

 ‘Magic in Nature’ is a celebration of the beauty and drama that plays out in our gardens and natural landscape that often goes unnoticed – the conversation between birds, the busy routines of bees, the fleeting dance of dragonflies, the translucence of flowers, the gnarly formation of Banksia nuts… nature provides the actors and the backdrop; Janet & Darren are the creative directors that bring the production to life!   Once again Janet Matthews will generously offer drawing demonstrations: 1-4pm, Sunday 7th and Saturday 20th October.  Janet is a highly regarded drawing teacher; her demonstrations are a real treat – sharing her award-winning skills with discussion of materials, composition and the special techniques she has developed over many years as a professional artist.


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