~ Immersed in Nature ~

An exhibition of Drawings & Sculptures by

Darren Gilbert & Janet Matthews

8th – 29th October 2017

Meet the artists 2-4pm Sunday 8th October

Drawing demonstrations with Janet Matthews:

2-4pm Saturday 14 October & Sunday 29 October


An exhibition of two passionate artists captivated by the creatures & environment of the natural world.  Janet Matthews & Darren Gilbert are not mere by-standers when it comes to capturing subject matter through their art… their mediums of pen & ink, pencil & sculpture are employed as a means to express their profound response to, and celebration of, the fascinating ‘details’ of nature.

Both Gilbert & Matthews seek to draw the viewer of their works to attention; to stop & appreciate the often unseen beauty of the world around us; a sensitive view through the eyes of those with heart & soul immersed in the wonder & magnificence of nature.


Inspired by the birds & wild-life encountered on her recent travels to the Galapagos Islands & South America, Janet Matthews sets the focus of her superb pencil drawings on the fleeting moments of nature.  Observations that can only be truly appreciated by waiting patiently as a silent witness, quietly absorbing the magical world of the exquisite creatures of these regions.  Janet’s drawings highlight the jewel-like beauty of the diminutive birds & amazing animals which enthralled her; capturing the glorious displays of their unique habits & habitat.

A new drama is evident in the sought after pen & ink artworks of Darren Gilbert.  The intricate detail of each hero subject juxtaposed with bold gestural brush-strokes – a striking tension emphasizing the fragility of our native bird-life & fauna.  Darren’s artworks call us to action, to consider our connection with the environment, to take notice and care for that which is lost in the haste & visual ‘noise’ of our hectic lives.  Once again Darren’s impressive sculptures will command the gallery floor-space with a huge presence.  Contemporary outdoor wall-art featuring laser-cut designs, majestic engineered garden forms and all-manner of statement sculptural pieces created from salvaged objects, weathered timbers & rustic metal.


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