Wild Things – Drawings & Sculptures

Darren Gilbert & Janet Matthews

Saturday 3 May – Sunday 25 May 2014

“As an artist you are always learning, changing and challenging yourself… to me it becomes addictive – to create and explore an idea and to then successfully pull it off is an adrenaline kick – but only for a moment and then the question… how can I do it better?”  Darren Gilbert

Wildlife artists Janet Matthews & Darren Gilbert share a synergy with nature, offering a rare insight into the quirky behaviours of the Australian fauna and capturing hidden treasures of the landscape often over-looked in the hectic pace of life.  Janet was awarded ‘Wildlife Artist of the Year’ in 2013 by the Wildlife Art Society of Australasia; her superb colour pencil and graphite artworks have been described as “weaving magic with a pencil”.  Darren’s response to nature is demonstrated in two diverse ways; his sculptural works are sourced from abandoned timbers and metals mellowed by age, whilst his pen & ink works portray sensitivity for his subject and a fascination for detail.

Wild Things is the collaboration of two highly-skilled artists celebrating the harmony of humans with nature in totally unique and refreshing ways.