“I think our challenge is to learn how to adapt and evolve alongside our amazing wildlife and environment ; a process which can enhance our quality of life whilst preserving that of the creatures we share this island continent with”. – Darren Gilbert

Born in England, in 1966, Darren Gilbert migrated to Australia with his family when he was 2 years old.  He spent his childhood years in a number of towns across Australia, from the beaches of Sydney, the outback of WA, and rural communities in Victoria.  Darren has settled with his wife and children on a property at Highlands in central Victoria.

As a young boy Darren was interested in painting and drawing and encouraged to study an Associate Diploma of Fine Arts at the University of Queensland.  This was where the arts really opened up for Darren and he enjoyed exploring new ideas and exciting techniques, particularly in the areas of sculpture and drawing.

Darren has a close affinity with nature and is very concerned with environmental issues.  He is in awe of the uniqueness and beauty of Australian flora & fauna – to be able to adapt and evolve to survive on a single drop of water.


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