“Growing up with a true love of colour and nature gave rise to my passion for painting natural images in their liveliest and most vibrant form.  I believe art should evoke emotion and I attempt to convey uplifting and positive inspiration through my work.” – Claire Sayers.

Claire Sayers was born in 1967 and traveled extensively overseas until her family settled in East Gippsland, Victoria.  From an early age Claire developed an interest in art which was encouraged by her mother, an accomplished artist in her own right.  Claire completed a Diploma of Teaching before going on to study Studio Textiles/Colour & Design, East Gippsland Institute of TAFE and Advanced Painting, Briagalong School of Fine Art.

Claire’s technique has evolved to lyrical, free-flowing oil painting on large canvasses. This medium enables her to express her love of the richness and movement of colour, while playing with the texture and properties of oils.  Claire believes that each colour holds its own vibration similar to musical notes and as a result each painting expresses its own individual, visual melody and mood.


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