Inspiration for contemporary jewellery designer and maker Anjila Singh, arises from patterns and textures found both in the natural world and in her passion for intricate fabric designs, presenting her with infinite design possibilities.  

“My inspiration is drawn from nature, as I am attracted to its ever-changing richness and purity.  My work is also influenced by my fascination with Middle Eastern culture and traditional fabric design…”   

After starting a new chapter in life, Anjila completed an Advanced Diploma of Metal-smithing and Jewellery Design in Melbourne, where she was awarded the Acquisition Award for Innovation.  Anjila now works out of a home-based studio in Byron Bay, NSW  where she enjoys a relaxed connection to the coastal nature of the area and creates a range of one-off pieces for selected galleries.  Anjila is creatively driven by the exploration of surface treatments and embellishment through traditional and contemporary techniques.

The distinctive visual statements created in Anjila’s designs capture her appreciation of nature’s sublime perfection… elegant curves and flowing designs; gemstones set simply and beautifully, accentuating the natural beauty of the gemstone itself. 

“Although the ability to create is extremely satisfying, to see the wearer connect with the piece is the most rewarding part of the process.”


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