“By giving new purpose to discarded materials I use the process of transformation to make connections between the world of the mundane and worlds far removed by time and place.” – Andy Pullar

Stories of transformation are central to the mythology of peoples the world over, inspiring writers and artists since the first cave painters.  It is a passion for these myths and cultures and the art they have produced that has inspired my travels and my own art.  These stories tell us that truth lies behind the world of appearances, an element as important to contemporary artists as it was to the ancient Aztec craftsman who, in gathering and shaping the raw materials for their awe inspiring mosaics, would capture fragments of the glorious beauty of the world they lived in and harness them in the service of expressing the mysteries of the universe.

While the imagery I use in my own art is inspired by my love of the natural world, I am drawn to materials which have been created or shaped by man.  A broken coffee cup or tiles rescued from a bathroom renovation, each fragment has its own history, and although I use them largely for their intrinsic beauty, the recognition I hope to stir in the viewer is a crucial part of the work.


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